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20080820 Wednesday August 20, 2008

Anime Iowa 2008

Alison, Nick and myself at the Anime Iowa Right Stuf and Nozomi panel.

More Anime Iowa 2008 photos.

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20080421 Monday April 21, 2008

Anime Today Forums

Just launched on Friday: Anime Today Forums

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20071026 Friday October 26, 2007

Improving Navigation

In today's podcast, we mention that we've added menus to the site to improve navigation. Below you'll find a couple examples of these. The online store's most popular categories are now always within reach on the main site, and even Anime Today has one to make jumping to the episodes easier.


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20071025 Thursday October 25, 2007

Continuing the Sneak Peak

We're actually going to be talking briefly about some of the features of the new web site in the episode of Anime Today that will be posted tomorrow. One of the sections that we're all extremely happy with is the new Nozomi Entertainment area. The latest releases are featured on the front page of their section, and all the series sites are in a detailed index so that you can quickly see which ones have wallpapers, avatars, screenshots, and all the other extras that we love to pack into these sites.

All the trailers that we've posted have been encoded at a higher quality than we've posted them at before, and they look stunning. The trailer feed also works great with iTunes, and we've tested it with iPods, iPhones, and Apple TVs (and in HD they look even more stunning).


Right now, its looking like the new site will be officially launched on Tuesday (if everything goes as planned).

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Death to Blue!

After having a dark blue web site since the Spring of 2001, we decided that its really time for a change. Here's a small preview:

(Now if I could just find time to make this blog look a tad better.)

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