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20110313 Sunday March 13, 2011

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20100302 Tuesday March 02, 2010

Winter on the Farm

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February 2009 Trip to Mobile, Alabama

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20091224 Thursday December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

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20081227 Saturday December 27, 2008

Christmas at Home

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20080901 Monday September 01, 2008

Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Iowa Speedway

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Uly at the Iowa Speedway

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20080820 Wednesday August 20, 2008

Case SC Restoration



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20080711 Friday July 11, 2008

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G

Having recently destroyed my original iPhone, I needed to get a replacement. 90 minutes in line later, I had an iPhone 3G. Here are a few initial impressions:

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20080613 Friday June 13, 2008

2008 Des Moines Flood Photos

More flood photos.

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20080531 Saturday May 31, 2008

Fishing on Lake of the Woods

26" Walleye:

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20080418 Friday April 18, 2008

I want to like Novell... Really...

To download SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Novell require a login. When creating an account, they state "By completing this form, I am giving Novell and/or Novell's partners permission to contact me regarding Novell products and services." with absolutely no option to opt out of being contacted by a partner.

After registering (with a disposable email address), they require you to answer a questionnaire:

How many employees work in your entire organization?
What is your company's industry?
What is your current relationship with Novell?
What is your primary area of interest?
What are your current requirements/requests of Novell?

Annoying. And it required an activation code to install it.

How do new technologies get adopted by me, and subsequently by the businesses I work with? Let me obtain it, hassle free, and try it out. Telling me that my contact information will be distributed to third parties, steering me through questionnaires after seeing a list of download that I might be able to get after I hand over just a bit more information, doesn't qualify in my mind. And that was after I had already handed over my name, address, phone number, and email address just to register on their site.

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20070717 Tuesday July 17, 2007

The Journey Home

Headed out Monday morning at about 8 AM for home. I didn't really plan on stopping anywhere along the way, but we passed through a few places worth noting.

The first was Blackduck, Minnesota - we were fishing in that area when I was very young. They have three large ducks around town, here's one of them:

We stopped in Bemidji, Minnesota for a quick pictures with Paul Bunyan and Babe:

We stopped in Itasca State Park, and I really want to know when the Mississippi headwaters became a huge tourist attraction:

When I was a kid, we visited it them, and there was no gift shop that I can remember, no crowds, nothing. Just a pile of rocks, and a log for crossing the river:

It was difficult to find a nice, quiet picture spot to get a picture of the lake:

And me standing in the river, just downstream from the headwaters:

And that's it. There was a lot of bad weather coming back through southern Minnesota and Iowa, so I didn't get home until about 10 PM. The fish I brought back stayed frozen though, and I'm looking forward to cooking them soon.

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Fishing Day 3

For day 3, Tim was our guide, on boat #3. In addition to my dad and myself, there were 4 other guests on the boat. We spent the entire day downrigging, something Tim said they do not normally do. It was a lot different than yesterday though - Larry did all the work of setting the poles and maintaining everything. Today, Tim let us do everything ourselves. After a quick lesson on the equipment, we were doing everything and it was a lot of work. For the entire day, we brought in 1 fish shy of our limit. The morning was slow, but the afternoon was incredible.

The water was like glass the entire day:

Here's the final pile of fish that were left after lunch (we did the short lunch again, so a few disappeared):

Couple more pictures from the boat on the way back:

Here's the boat we went out on:

And here's the end of the day picture of my dad and I, along with Tim:

(The fish were primarily from our boat, with a few from a second boat.)

The sunset that evening was really something to see:

One last picture of the three boats we went out on during this trip:

For all the complaining people do about mosquitos in Minnesota, the trip really wasn't the bad. In fact, the only one I saw on me the whole trip was this little guy that landed on my big toe in the cabin:

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Fishing Day 2

Larry was out guide for the day, we were on boat #2 with three other guests (a father and his two sons, one just out of high school, the other just finishing up his military service). This day started out far better than the first day:

And here's a look back at the main building at the resort:

Here's the boat we went out on, felt a little smaller than the first days, but with only a total of 6 people, it wasn't bad:

I caught three walleyes in the morning. In the afternoon, we were downrigging, and caught a lot of walleyes and a few saugers.

Lunch was interesting. The first day, we had sandwiches on the boat, and that was it. This day, we did a shore lunch. Four of the boats from Ballards pulled up on Garden Island to a beach with picnic tables. Everything else was carried on the boats - grills, food, etc. The first from the morning were cleaned, and grilled. Being mostly a non-fish eating person, I was really not looking forward to this - but after trying a couple pieces of the freshly grilled fish, I don't think I've ever had a meal that good.

Here's the four boats that participated:

Here's a look back at the area where we ate lunch:

Me with the guide, and a walleye I caught:

The fish at the end of the day:

This is part of the Ballards group of boats headed back to the resort at the end of the day:

Another picture from the back of the boat, and one of the downriggers we used:

The ride to and from the area we were fishing in was rather long, a little over an hour each way.

Wild rice growing along the river, on the Canadian side:

And that was pretty much it for day 2.

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