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20080418 Friday April 18, 2008

I want to like Novell... Really...

To download SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Novell require a login. When creating an account, they state "By completing this form, I am giving Novell and/or Novell's partners permission to contact me regarding Novell products and services." with absolutely no option to opt out of being contacted by a partner.

After registering (with a disposable email address), they require you to answer a questionnaire:

How many employees work in your entire organization?
What is your company's industry?
What is your current relationship with Novell?
What is your primary area of interest?
What are your current requirements/requests of Novell?

Annoying. And it required an activation code to install it.

How do new technologies get adopted by me, and subsequently by the businesses I work with? Let me obtain it, hassle free, and try it out. Telling me that my contact information will be distributed to third parties, steering me through questionnaires after seeing a list of download that I might be able to get after I hand over just a bit more information, doesn't qualify in my mind. And that was after I had already handed over my name, address, phone number, and email address just to register on their site.

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